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President Joko met cordially with a delegation led by chairman Chen Xuehua

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ZouChenJie ChenHao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/07/09 14:48
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At 17:00 on July 9, Indonesia’s president Joko met cordially with the delegation composed of entrepreneurs of China-invested enterprises, including board chairman Xiang Guangda of Qingshan Industrial and chairman Chen Xuehua of Huayou Cobalt at the Presidential Office. 


Chen Xuehua reported the basic situation of Huayou Cobalt and its investment conditions in Indonesia to Indonesia’s president Joko. According to Chen Xuehua, Huayou is a world-leading new energy lithium battery material company, with the production and sales scale of cobalt products ranking the first position in the world. Huayou started the investment in Indonesia in 2018, and currently, the project has been developed smoothly. “Huayou’s investment in Indonesia is an important composition part of its medium and long-term development planning, and Huayou will, taking the new energy lithium battery material industry as core, fully develop its industry-leading status and advanced scientific research and technology advantages, global market customer advantages, and integrated industrial chain advantages, in combination with Indonesia’s advantages of rich mineral resources, to build a world-leading lithium battery material manufacturing base of industry clustering, enterprise clustering, integration, and parking together with the cooperative partners.” Chen Xuehua expressed, “Huayou will certainly work hard together with the cooperative partners, to build the project, develop the industry, and realize the all-win development, so as to make contributions to economic and social development of Indonesia and write a new chapter for the friendship of two peoples.”


After hearing the reports of Qingshan Industrial and Huayou Cobalt, Indonesia’s president Joko said: “I express my welcome and thanks to Chinese enterprises for their investments in Indonesia, and extend my congratulations to the investment results you obtained”. He especially pointed out that, “these Chinese enterprises like Qingshan and Huayou have not purely developed mineral resources, but through the extension of industrial chain, but they processed the mineral resources into stainless steel and battery materials locally. Integrated industrial development has brought about job opportunities to our Indonesia, conveyed advanced technology and management experience, and also driven the development of related industries in the downstream, to create more values for our people. This is laudable.” According to Indonesia’s president Joko, at the G20 summit meeting held in Osaka, Japan not long ago, I had a deep discussion with president Xi jinping on the docking of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and Indonesia’s “Global Maritime Fulcrum” strategy, and we would further support the Chinese enterprises to take root in Indonesia. I very expect and support the Chinese enterprises like Qingshan and Huayou to invest and develop in Indonesia, and hope that your investments can make contributions to the economic development of China and Indonesia as well as the friendship of two peoples.


During the talks, Chinese entrepreneurs gave the several policy suggestions on further optimizing the investment environment to president Joko, and he gave a positive response. 



Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, Minister of Maritime Affairs of Indonesia, and other officials from Indonesia attended the meeting. The Chinese entrepreneurs attending the meeting also included You Xiaoping, president of Zhejiang Huafeng Group, and Li Changdong, president of Guangdong BRUMP Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. 

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